2010 Minneapolis-Moline BF

As presented by Kevin Cotter for Credit River Tractor Club

1951 Minneapolis-Moline BF Manufacturer: Minneapolis-Moline Total built: 7,627 (BF and Avery R) Hercules 4-cyl gasoline

The Minneapolis-Moline BF is the Avery model R. When Minneapolis-Moline took over the B.F. Avery factory in 1951, the R was in production. Because Minneapolis-Moline had their own model R, they renamed the Avery to the BF.

Wednesday November 4th, 2009 – club members are finishing tearing apart the Minneapolis-Moline tractor. Here’s the engine suspended by hoist while the last few bolts are removed.

Here’s a couple members trying to pry the frame member from the engine/transmission. A couple minutes later the engine was freed from the old tractor, and it the gang started dismembering it. Inside the driveshaft was an old mouse’s nest. It’s amazing the stuff you can find in an old tractor.

Not all tractors get torn down this far, but the Credit River Antique Tractor Club takes tractor restoration seriously. After teardown the largest single part was the transmission. The axel housings were removed to replace some worn seals. I helped remove the axel housing on the left. We found an old paper wasp’s nest inside. The old seals were pulled, cleaned, and searched for identification.

Here is the motor sitting on the floor. The motor will be rebuilt locally, while the head will be taken to Mankato for a complete valve job.

Stay tuned as the club starts to put this old tractor back together!

A fresh coat of paint breathes new life into this old girl…

Three proud tractor restorers, ready to take the tractor back to the shop and start putting an engine in her.

A fresh coat of paint once the tractor was finished being assembled.

The morning after paint the tractor was pushed outside so the sun could bake the paint on for the afternoon.

Grand Prize Winner of the 2011 CRATC raffle drawing: Merlin Hove of Ames, IA purchased the ticket at the LeSueur Pioneer Power Spring swap meet.